01. Two hours should be [sufficient] time to finish the work.
02. Mark hadn't [sufficiently] cleaned the carpet, so we could still see the wine stains.
03. I question the [sufficiency] of a single one-quart bottle of water for a half-day hike on a hot day like this.
04. We had a large breakfast, so a light lunch should [suffice] until dinner time.
05. Taiwan is [self-sufficient] in rice.
06. There were [sufficient] canned goods in the cabin to last until spring.
07. Gandhi observed that there is [sufficiency] in the world for man's need, but not for man's greed.
08. There is a Chinese proverb which states that to learn what is good, a thousand days are not [sufficient], but to learn what is evil, an hour is too long.
09. Maintaining a separate language and culture is difficult without a [sufficiently] large ethnic concentration within a given area.
10. Although stars are continually losing mass, for most stars this loss of mass does not appear [sufficient] to alter the evolution of the star.
11. The threat of force is usually [sufficient] to secure the lawful conduct of most citizens.
12. To obtain [sufficient] nourishment, a panda consumes as much as 36 kilograms of bamboo daily.
13. The best time for you to learn a foreign language is when your need is clearest, and when you have [sufficient] time.
14. Brown bears need to eat a lot in the summer and fall in order to build up [sufficient] fat reserves for surviving the winter.
15. A rooftop solar water heater requires about three hours of sunshine per day to provide [sufficient] hot water for a family of four.
16. Two-thirds of North Americans aren't [sufficiently] active to benefit their health.
17. Malnutrition occurs when people don't eat [sufficient] amounts of the right food.
18. Leopards can be found all over Africa, and in parts of South-East Asia, wherever there is [sufficient] tree cover for them to hide in.
19. Forgetting material which is stored in long-term memory cannot be [sufficiently] explained by the simple passage of time.
20. We have [insufficient] information to make a decision at this point.
21. The police were unable to lay charges, due to [insufficient] evidence.
22. The check was refused because there were [insufficient] funds in the account.
23. Research suggests that the decontextualised learning of vocabulary is not [sufficient] to allow a student to truly know and be able to use a word.
24. We were [insufficiently] prepared for the camping trip, so we ran out of food after three days.
25. Gandhi once suggested that the difference between what we do and what we're capable of doing would [suffice] to solve most of the world problems.
26. Marly is taking $300 of his own money on his trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles - I really think that should [suffice].
27. This turkey should [suffice] for a party of 12 at our Christmas dinner.
28. My father taught me to never take two helpings of food when one would [suffice].
29. Meister Eckhart once stated that if the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would [suffice].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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